Even more ideas for a Sydney winter wedding

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Even more ideas for a Sydney winter wedding

Winter is well on its way and we can already feel that chill creeping across the country. But if your special day is planned in the upcoming months, or when the temperature is likely to dip, then being well prepared for the outcomes is key to a successful celebration. Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips to help you embrace the cooler weather in the lead up to your big day.


Winter-friendly flowers


One of the highlights for any wedding is the stunning assortment of flower arrangements. To kick this all off successfully, you’ll want to choose blooms that are in season, as some will be harder to find at this time of year. When winter is in full-swing, lilies and tulips are a good start, but working closely with your florist will also ensure that you can find a perfect alternative if your first preference isn’t available.


The ideal colour palette


Your wedding will be chilly enough with the iconic Sydney winter breeze, so choose warmer tones to complement the surrounds and backdrop. Think shades of deep reds, golds and even darker greens  – all of which can add that elegant touch if you’re missing some colour because of the season. Natural blooms are also a safe bet here, as they’ll fit with a majority of colour palettes across the board. Add the use of scented candles to really ramp up the romantic setting.


Finding the perfect dress


Locating your wedding dress in Sydney is a challenge – there’s so many options to choose from these days. However, remember that cooler months will mean you may want to shy away from anything too sheer or overly exposed. Keep in mind the location too – chances are you won’t want to sport a customer wedding dress that’s made for warmer climates. Luckily, there are plenty of trending options out there at bridal shops in Sydney that incorporate long sleeves and higher necklines – all of which still exude class and elegance.


Pinpoint your location


Choosing a venue with classic architecture and surroundings will complement a winter wedding beautifully. You may not get a beachfront or tropical ceremony, but the intimacy of a historical-style building or location may be the perfect replacement for an added edge. Above all, make sure there’s plenty of shelter and room to move, if the weather happens to take a turn for the worst.


Catering to all


And then there’s the menu. Take into account the season and what foods are likely to be in their prime. For example, think carefully about what vegetables are prominent during the winter months, over others. This can even extend to your lineup of beverages – a whiskey cocktail or hearty red wine are perfect for the colder atmosphere. Speak with your caterer to find out what dishes they offer or would recommend for this time of year.


While there’s plenty to think about in the lead up to your big day, checking off some of these from the get-go will help you gear up for a wintery success. No matter where in Sydney you plan to hold it, think carefully about whether a custom made gown will best suit your needs and predicted weather, or if your location will meet all the demands of a cooler ceremony. Above all, make sure you ask plenty of questions to the experts that pop up along the way. You can never do enough research!


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