How to know you are buying a quality wedding dress

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Okay, the big day is looming, and you’re in full-swing preparing for the celebrations. Arguably one of the most important moments of your life, there are plenty of expenses that go along with throwing the ultimate wedding. And likely to be at the top of your priority list is finding the perfect gown. You may have the exact dress in mind, or perhaps you are still looking, but how do you know that the design you have your eyes on is all it looks to be? There’s nothing worse than the thought of a wardrobe malfunction on your special day, moments before you walk down the aisle. So, here are the top details to look out for when you’re on the big hunt for finding your dream dress.


Set a (realistic) budget you can stick to

This part of your wedding planning is likely to be one of the most expensive aspects. And although your heart may be set on one of the most elegant dresses out there, you can often find similar quality designs at a significantly lower price – if you know where to look.


Big brands are tempting, but you’re often left with a touch of ‘same-sameness’ about the design, so it’s always better to opt for a tailored experience. To ensure you’re getting value for money, smaller outlets and bridal shops (like our boutique) is the most cost-effective and personalised approach.


If you’ve found yourself circling back to countless bridal magazines, collect inspiration and take them along with you when you visit your local bridal shop. This will help boutique owners to guide you through what options will best suit your price, as well as style and fit.


Understand craftsmanship

No matter what kind of design you’re after, check the materials used and stitching throughout. While you may feel you’ve found the perfect dress, once you try it on, it’s likely you’ll see whether the craftsmanship is at the level it should be. Notice whether the stitching feels secure, or if it’s likely to stand the test of time.


Additionally, heavier material –  rather than a thinner fabric – is always recommended. Natural fibres breathe well, but are likely to crease and are, in general, more expensive. Traditional materials – like satin, charmeuse, chiffon, organza and lace – all have pros and cons, but it will take your individual tastes and evaluations to assess whether they’re the right option for you.


Note that when you shop online, it will be harder to determine all of these factors, so always get in touch with the supplier or boutique to better understand specifications first. 


At the end of the day, keeping these factors in mind will ensure you find a design that best suits your brief and budget. When you’re feeling unsure, we always recommend you get in touch with our team for helpful, transparent guidance.


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