Winter wedding dress ideas for the colder months

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12:21 PM

When you look good, you feel good – it’s a well-known psychological fact. And, when it comes to bridal gowns, feeling good about what you’re wearing is critical. This is the dress that will soak up all of the love, emotion and memories of one of the happiest days of your life, so it’s essential the dress is a reflection of you.


There are several extra considerations when dressing for a winter wedding. Given the colder temperatures, you’ll want to ensure you’re warm enough to feel confident and relaxed in your bridal gown while still staying true to your unique style.


So how do you master that balance of functionality and fashion? Here are some of our tips for finding the perfect bridal gown for winter weddings:

  • Style

The most important component of narrowing your choice of bridal dresses is selecting one that rings true to your brand of style. This is the day when you want to feel the most you, and dressing like you is a big part of that. So, whatever your street style is – preppy or minimalist, bohemian or something else entirely – make it your priority to find a bridal dress that feels like an extension of your existing closet.


  • Sleeves

When the mercury plummets, sleeves can offer protection from the chill while also being a glamorous addition to your gown. Both ready to wear and custom-made gowns provide plenty of options regarding sleeves. If you know your venue will be a touch warmer, consider a cap sleeve to prevent chill to those shoulders. If it’s going to be a little icier, a sleek, three-quarter or full-length sleeve can suit any style from free-spirited bohemian to minimalist chic. Whatever you choose, sleeves always add a touch of elegance and grace to your bridal gown.


  • Length and Fabric

A floor-length dress will provide additional warmth for the lower half of your body. Luckily, most ready to wear dresses are the perfect length for winter weddings. For extra warmth, consider the fabrics you pick. Thicker materials, such as velvet and heavy satin, will keep you warm and maintain a sleek silhouette. If you are interested in a more voluminous gown, layers of thinner fabrics are a great way to add both warmth and drama.


  • Consider Custom & Accessories

If after consideration of all of these tips, you still can’t find the perfect dress that blends both the functionality of warmth and the beauty of your style, consider accessories or custom made wedding dresses. Accessories like long gloves, capelets and belts add particular personal style and give a more elegant effect. If you still can’t find the perfect dress, custom made gowns are a beautiful option, especially with the additional considerations of a winter wedding. They ensure the bride is feeling her most comfortable and confident in a dress that maintains her unique flair.


Whatever style of dress you choose for your winter wedding day, make it one that feels like you but doesn’t sacrifice your comfort.